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Teradata Aster® Analytics Release NotesUpdate 3

Aster Analytics
December 2017
Release Notes
  • Teradata Aster® Extensions for KNIME supports the functions that are new for this release and the revisions made to functions for this release.
  • Saving results to a table

    In the previous release, to persist the results table permanently, you had to use the AsterDB Table Writer node. In this release, the AsterDB Table Writer node is deprecated (it works as it did previously, but you cannot include it in new workflows). To persist the results table permanently in a new workflow, use the Options tab in the Node Configuration dialog to specify the name of the table (and optionally, the distribution key) in which to store results.

  • All nodes from AA are deprecated.

    Workflows with these nodes work as they did previously, but new workflows must use the newer versions of the nodes.