- Obtaining R RPM Files for RHEL - Aster R

Teradata Aster® R User GuideUpdate 3

Aster R
December 2017
Programming Reference
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  1. Download the required R and R dependency RPM files. This procedure must be performed on a machine that has access to the Internet.
    1. Go to http://downloads.teradata.com/download/aster/r-repository and log on to the website.
    2. Locate the R-3.4.1_rhel7_rpms.tar.gz link on the web page and download the tarball by clicking it.
      Use the R-3.1.2_rhel6_rpms.tar.gz tarball, if installing on a system running RHEL 6.7/6.8.
    3. Extract the tarball.
  2. On the queen node of the Aster Database cluster, if the /var/opt/teradata/rhel-r directory does not already exist, create the directory by running this command: mkdir -p /var/opt/teradata/rhel-r
  3. Copy the RPM files from the machine where they were downloaded to the /var/opt/teradata/rhel-r directory on the queen node of the Aster Database cluster.
  4. On the queen node, run these commands to create a yum repository from all files copied in Step 3:

    cd /var/opt/teradata/rhel-r

    createrepo .