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Aster R
December 2017
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Contact system or network administrator to obtain the SLES and SLES SDK ISO image files. Request the same version of the SLES as the one running on the queen node.

Alternatively, download the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLE-12-SP2-Server-DVD-x86_64-GM-DVD1.iso) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Software Development Kit (SLE-12-SP2-SDK-DVD-x86_64-GM-DVD1.iso) from the SUSE website https://download.suse.com, to the machine that has access to the Internet.

Download and use the SLES-11-SP2-DVD-x86_64-GM-DVD1.iso and the SLE-11-SP2-SDK-DVD-x86_64-GM-DVD1.iso image files, if installing on a system running SLES 11.
A Suse/Novell account is required to log on to the website to download the ISO image files. Create an account if the user does not already have one.
Do not download the most recent version of the files. Use the https://download.suse.com site and search for the desired ISO image files.