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Teradata Aster® R User GuideUpdate 3

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December 2017
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The process for running an R script using the Aster Stream function is shown here.

  1. Use the ta.create() function to create a data table in the Aster Database.

    The function input can be an Aster Database table or view.

  2. Create the R script.

    An R script for the Stream function must include reading input from STDIN and writing output to STDOUT. If the script output columns are different from the input table columns, the user must define the names and data types of the output columns inside the script.

  3. Install the script onto the Aster Database.
    If the user needs to update an existing script, the previous version must first be removed or uninstalled before installing the updated version.
  4. Install any additional required files, such as dictionaries for text applications or models for prediction applications, onto the Aster Database.
  5. Execute the SQL-MR Stream function that specifies the script, the input table, any additional resources required, and the output columns.