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Teradata Aster® R User GuideUpdate 3

Aster R
December 2017
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Scenario One:

If the installation fails, review the error message and log files to see if there are any dependencies that may be missing from the repository. The log files for the installation process are located at: /primary/logs/ncli-[time stamp].log.

To resolve installation failures due to dependencies on other R packages, download and install the dependencies first, and then install the R package that failed previously.

Scenario Two:

If the queen node enters a failed state after the user installing the R packages and synchronizing the worker nodes, R may not be properly synced due to a permission issue.

To correct the issue, run this command:

find /opt/aster/third-party/R/ ! -type l -path '*/R/proc' -prune -o -path '*/R/dev' -prune -o -path '*/R/home' -prune -o -path '*/R/root' -prune -o ! -path '*/R/etc/localtime' ! -path '*/R/etc/nsswitch.conf' ! -path '*/R/etc/group' ! -path '*/R/etc/passwd' ! -path '*/R/etc/resolv.conf' ! -path '*/R/etc/shadow' ! -path '*/R/etc/gshadow' ! -user beehive ! -perm -o+r -exec chown beehive:beehive {};