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Teradata Aster® R User GuideUpdate 3

Aster R
December 2017
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The TeradataAsterR package runs on the client system and is designed primarily for data management and exploration.

The TeradataAsterR package includes over 100 functions organized into four functional areas:

  • Utility and database management functions
  • Data exploration and preparation functions
  • R version of all Teradata Aster® Analytics functions

    These functions automate data partitioning and parallel processing across the nodes of the cluster.

  • R script runners

    These runners allow users to run R scripts in the Aster Database, without installing open-source R in the database.

Virtual Objects

The TeradataAsterR package also includes a set of R data objects called virtual objects. Users can use Aster R commands to access and manipulate these virtual objects to access data in the Aster Database. The look and feel is very similar to that of interacting with a regular data frame in R.

For example, Aster R provides an R object called virtual data frame that represents an Aster table, view, or SQL query. Aster R commands that access or manipulate a virtual data frame are translated to equivalent SQL or Teradata Aster SQL-MapReduce® queries and are executed in the Aster Database using RODBC.