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Teradata Aster® R User GuideUpdate 3

Aster R
December 2017
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The Aster R product includes two components:

  • The TeradataAsterR package.

    This is a package like any other open-source R packages. The package provides an R interface for data exploration and analysis within the Aster Database. No data is transferred to the client machine.

    All of the Teradata Aster SQL-MapReduce® functions are available through this interface with no SQL coding required. In addition, Aster R provides functions for data manipulation and transformation, data filtering and subsetting, equivalent to open-source R. All of these functions can be used in conjunction with open-source R capabilities.

    The TeradataAsterR package is compatible with RStudio and R Console.

  • Open-source R and R packages embedded in the Aster Database.

    These embedded R packages allow users to deploy custom R scripts in a secure, parallel-processing environment using the Teradata Aster SQL-MapReduce® Stream Module, while the data remains in the database. This approach provides both data integrity and computational efficiency benefits.

    Aster R automatically handles all tasks associated with parallel computations in a way that is transparent to the user.

Users can develop an R script in the Aster R package on their client machine, and then install the final script onto the Aster Database. The script executes directly in the database to exploit the computing power of the Aster Database.

Experienced users can build their own MapReduce functions using R packages for use in the Aster Database.