- Backing Up and Restoring R when Replacing Aster Queen - Aster R

Teradata Aster® R User GuideUpdate 3

Aster R
December 2017
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Users have the option to backup the sandbox area (/opt/aster/third-party/R) on the primary queen node, and then restore the tarball to the secondary queen node after queen node replacement.

This procedure will backup and restore R packages installed on the queen node.

  1. To backup R from queen node: follow the steps in the Pre-Installation Checks to backup the R folder (/opt/aster/third-party/R) from the queen node to a backup location.
  2. To restore R on queen node:
    1. Shutdown the Aster Cluster. ncli system softshutdown
    2. Copy the backup R folder from the backup location to the sandbox area (/opt/aster/third-party/R) on the secondary queen node. cp –rp backupfolder_location /opt/aster/third-party/R_on_secondary queen
    3. Start the Aster Cluster. ncli system softstartup

    It is recommended to synchronize R across all nodes after the restoration. This avoids a situation where the worker nodes have some packages while the queen does not, as a result of users installing some packages on the worker nodes after the backup.

    Follow the steps in the Syncing R across All Workers after Installation to make sure that the queen and worker nodes have the same R packages.