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December 2017
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The exchange of R data and Aster Database data is done by mapping an R data frame to an Aster Database table. The R program needs to be able to accept and map the input data to the right types, and the output from the R program should match what is specified in the OUTPUTS clause of the Stream function (except in the case of a “*” expression in the OUTPUTS clause, which expects data with the same types as the input data).

This table shows the recommended mapping of data types from R to Aster Database:

Data Type Mapping between R and Aster Database
R Type SQL Type
integer int2, int4
numeric (double) int8, float4, float8, float(p), numeric [(p,s)]
boolean logical
bytea object
everything else character

However, there are a few mapping issues that users need to be aware of, which are described in here.