- Preparing the Cluster for Aster R Runner Functions - Aster R

Teradata Aster® R User GuideUpdate 3

Aster R
December 2017
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Teradata recommends users to follow these steps to optimize performance when using the Aster R runner functions.

These steps create and mount the directory home/extensibility/stream on Aster cluster. During an Aster R session, virtual object files created using the R runner functions are saved in this directory. When the Aster R session ends, these objects are deleted.

For more information on Aster R runner functions and Aster virtual objects, see Using Aster R Runner Functions to Run R Functions in the Aster Database.

Run the following commands on the queen node.
  1. ncli node runonother "mkdir /data/stream"
  2. ncli node runonother "chown -R extensibility:extensibility /data/stream"
  3. ncli node runonother "mkdir /home/extensibility/stream"
  4. ncli node runonother "chown -R extensibility:extensibility /home/extensibility/stream"
  5. ncli node runonother "mount --bind /data/stream /home/extensibility/stream"