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December 2017
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Some R packages rely on specific OS packages to work properly. In order for these R packages to work in the sandbox area, all OS dependencies must also be installed in the sandbox. This procedure assumes that the user has created a repository as described in Creating a Repository for R and OS Packages, and that the required packages have been copied into the repository.

Use this command to install OS packages inside the R sandbox area:

ncli apm install R --rpmpackages=<package1>,<package2>,...[--repo=<repoName1>,<repoUrl1>] [--repo=<repoName2>,<repoUrl2>] ...

The following examples assume that the packages "tar", "less", and "zip" are in the repository:

ncli apm install R --rpmpackages=tar

ncli apm install R --rpmpackages=less,zip