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Interactive Teradata Query Facility
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Usage Notes

When a data-generating statement is executed successfully, the result is presented in one of two forms, depending on the output mode (Format or Unformat) that is in effect.

FORMAT ON sets Format mode. In Format mode, processing type, status, and statistics are presented in the display area as the first page. Any data selected is formatted into data pages, each containing date, page number, report title, and column headings, according to specifications set by the format commands. The abbreviation for SET FORMAT ON is SFO.

FORMAT OFF sets unformat mode. When entering ITEQ, it is the default value. In Unformat mode, processing type, status, statistics, and selected data with column headings are displayed as one entity.

A result exceeding the size of one display area is viewed as consecutive screen pages without headings, date, page numbers, or report titles. The abbreviation for SET FORMAT OFF is SFF.

The SET FORMAT command can be executed within a macro. If the SET FORMAT command is used in a macro, the command is placed in an ECHO statement that may occur anywhere in the macro.

Therefore, it is possible to set Format mode on and off within the same macro.