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Interactive Teradata Query Facility
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Usage Notes

Results of the SHOW command print prior to the current data-generating statement result. Each PRINT command execution prints one copy of a result.

After the PRINT command is executed, ITEQ performs the following actions:

  • Sends a rewind command to the Teradata DBS, requesting the Teradata DBS to rewind the spool file containing the results.
  • Selects all data sequentially from the beginning of the file, and sends it to the output file.
  • When the print output file is cleared, the result data is sent to a printer and printed immediately according to the format specifications that are in effect when the PRINT command is executed.
  • Before ITEQ is invoked, the name of an output file for storing spooled results may be defined. Records for these files must contain an extra character space for the ASCII print control characters.

    For example, if a print line width of 80 characters is expected, the LRECL parameter used should be 85 for variable length records. This provides one byte for printer control characters and four bytes for the record descriptor word. The maximum size of each print line is limited to 254 characters.

    If a print output file is not defined, the default system output file (ITEQPRT1) is used. Output data is diverted to the job entry subsystem, and must later be transcribed to a final output device through TSO/CMS commands.