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An alternative to adjusting the size of the input area is to convert the display area for input, and then enter the new input in the display area. The user converts the display area for input by entering the INPUT command in the input area. Thereafter, the user may enter (input) the new statement into the display area.

When the display area is used for input, editing commands may be entered in the input area, potentially freeing the PF keys for other applications. After the statement is entered, the user may press the PF2 or PF14 key, assigned to the SUBMIT command, to submit the statement for processing. PF keys may be used to invoke edit commands for the display area.

After the Teradata DBS has accepted and processed a command or statement, a response is displayed in the display area. This response overwrites the command or statement, which is moved to the input area. The user may re-execute the statement by pressing <ENTER> once. The user may modify the statement before resubmitting it, as follows:

1 Use ITEQ edit facilities to modify the statement in the input area, and resubmit it by pressing <ENTER> once.

2 Enter the SHOW command to display the first page of the statement in the display area, where the statement can then be modified and resubmitted for processing.

While entering or editing a statement in the display area, the user may clear the display area and reset it for output by pressing the PF17 key, assigned to the CLEAR INPUT command. The cursor is then positioned at the beginning of the input area.