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Interactive Teradata Query Facility
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Usage Notes

When a result is filed, a client flat file that contains selected records is established. The records are stored in record mode, that is, in client computer format.

Before logging on to ITEQ, the user may associate names with these files using TSO ATTRIBUTE/ALLOCATE commands or the CMS FILEDEF command. The logical record limit of each flat file is 32,760 bytes.

Files must be able to accept variable-length records. If members changed data set to file of a partitioned file are used, file names must be fully qualified.

When a character constant is retrieved from a client file, the character constant is treated as a variable-length string, which appends the constant with a two byte field. To select a fixed‑length character constant, a user may include a character data type phrase in the SELECT statement. For example, the character data type phrase in the following SELECT statement causes the character constant ‘First’ to be returned as a fixed-length string:

SELECT ..., First CHAR(5) FROM expr [expr... ,expr];

See Database Administration for additional information on data attributes.