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Interactive Teradata Query Facility
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Usage Notes

The LOGON command is the first Teradata SQL access command entered after ITEQ is invoked. If a session is already logged on when the current LOGON is issued, the previous session is automatically logged off, and ITEQ prompts for a new username and password. Note that ITEQ control commands may be entered before the LOGON command.

To protect the security of the user’s password and account identifier during logon, the password and account identifier are not displayed on the terminal screen.

The user can log on by specifying only a tdpid as follows:

LOGON [tdpid/] ;

If the tdpid is accepted, ITEQ clears the input area and issues a prompt for the username:


The username can be optionally followed by a semicolon (;) or a comma (,).

If the logon string is accepted, ITEQ clears the input area, and issues a prompt for the password:


The acctid is entered at the PASSWORD ==> prompt after the password, if it is required.

If any parameter is entered incorrectly, the logon fails, and ITEQ returns an error message. If the tdpid is not provided, ITEQ assumes the user is using a predefined default tdpid (if this is the first logon). If the user has been logged on, ITEQ uses the last valid tdpid as the default. In this case, it prompts the user for the username or password. ITEQ expects the user to type the username, but it also accepts the tdpid if it was not provided with the LOGON command.

When the LOGON command is entered, any startup string set when the user was created is invoked automatically. When the logon is accepted by the Teradata DBS, a message is displayed in the display area, the logon entry is erased from the input area, and the cursor is positioned at the beginning of the input area.

At some Teradata DBS installations, a user may log on by simply entering the LOGON command with a valid username and no password. The ability to logon in this manner is usually determined by the installation’s System Administrator.

The user may start ITEQ and log on to the Teradata DBS by entering only one command:

  • Under TSO:
  • ITEQ LOGON (’[tdpid/] userid’)
  • Under CMS:
  • ITEQ [tdpid/] userid

    By including this command in the user’s TSO STARTUP CLIST or CMS PROFILE EXEC, the user may automatically start ITEQ and log on to the Teradata DBS when logging on to the client computer.