Chapter 3 ITEQ Command Descriptions - Interactive Teradata Query Facility

Interactive Teradata Query Reference

Interactive Teradata Query Facility
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ITEQ is composed of commands which are described alphabetically in this chapter. The structure of an ITEQ command is:

commandkeyword parameters ;

The command string must be terminated with a semicolon.


Specifies the function of the command. A command keyword is reserved for ITEQ; it may not be used as a symbolic name or as part of such a name. Appendix A contains a complete listing of ITEQ keywords.


Contain numbers, variable names, strings, special characters, an keywords that define the result of command execution.

Each command description contains:

1 A brief description of the command function.

2 The command form.

Defaults are underscored in the syntax format. Braces (“{ }”) indicate a choice; the user must enter one of the options within the braces. Brackets (“[]”) indicate an optional entry.

3 Usage notes describing how the command is used.

4 An example of command usage.