Examining Teradata SQL Statement Results - Interactive Teradata Query Facility

Interactive Teradata Query Reference

Interactive Teradata Query Facility
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ITEQ provides responses on the terminal screen for all commands and statements that are processed, whether in a client system or in the Teradata DBS.

A response for a successfully executed statement includes:

  • The type of processing performed (for example, update)
  • Status of and statistics about the processing (for example, the number of records updated)
  • Processing results (for example, table rows selected)
  • A response for a statement that is not executed successfully consist of an error message. In either case, the response is displayed in the display area.

    The results of ITEQ commands are either explicit or implicit, depending on the command. Explicit response messages are displayed in the display area. Implicit responses are indicated by appropriate changes in screen content (for example, paging backward or forward over results).