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Interactive Teradata Query Facility
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Usage Notes

ALL specifies that repeating values in all columns are to be displayed or printed (OFF), or suppressed (ON) from being displayed or printed.

SET SUPPRESS ON suppresses consecutive repeating values from being displayed or printed. The SET SUPPRESS ON command remains in effect until a SET SUPPRESS OFF or a SET DEFAULTS command is entered. The abbreviation for SET SUPPRESS ON is SSO. The default value for entering the command after logging on to ITEQ is ON ALL.

The SET SUPPRESS command causes a blank line to be displayed where the value in the suppressed column changes.

SET SUPPRESS OFF resets column suppression and allows consecutive repeating values to be displayed or printed. The system default value before logging on to ITEQ is SET SUPPRESS OFF ALL.

The abbreviation for SET SUPPRESS OFF is SSF.

The SET SUPPRESS OFF command may be invoked for one or all columns when a result that was displayed or printed with the SET SUPPRESS ON command in effect indicates a need for repeating column values.

The SET SUPPRESS command can be executed within a macro.