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Interactive Teradata Query Facility
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Usage Notes

The SET PROGRAM FUNCTION (PF) KEY command enables a user to enter an ITEQ command by pressing a specified program function key.

PF keys can be set to any ITEQ command. PF key assignment can be cancelled by assigning a null string (two consecutive apostrophes) to the key. Any assignment established during a session is valid only for that session.

During logon, PF key assignments can be established automatically for a user session by including SET PFn commands in the startup macro (referred to as startup string) created during the CREATE USER process. The commands are bracketed within Teradata SQL ECHO statements. For more information on startup strings, refer to the discussion of the CREATE USER statement in the Teradata DBS Reference Manual.

The current PF key assignments can be displayed by entering the SHOW CONTROL command. See the SHOW CONTROL command for more information.

The SET PF command can be executed within a macro.