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Interactive Teradata Query Facility
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Usage Notes

A report title set during a session remains in effect until another new SET RTITLE command or a SET DEFAULTS command is issued. A null string of two consecutive apostrophes erases the report title. If the report title is erased or no report title is set, the first 60 characters of the first line of the data-generating statement is used.

The current date and page number, automatically generated by ITEQ, also appear in a report heading. Date is displayed in yy/mm/dd format, where yy=year, mm=month, and dd=day.

Position of a title on a report page depends on the established line width for a page and the number of lines the user has specified for the title. The sequence // is used to identify the beginning of a second or third line. The total length of the RTITLE string (including // separators) cannot exceed 254 characters.

A blank title is returned by ITEQ if the user enters a SET RTITLE command with one or more blanks (‘ ’) as the title string. The first 60 characters of the Teradata SQL request are returned if the user enters a SET RTITLE command with two consecutive apostrophes (’’) as the title string.

The SET RTITLE command can be executed within a macro.