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Interactive Teradata Query Facility
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An ITEQ session can be initiated by a user at a terminal that is logged on to the client operating system via an interactive subsystem supported by ITEQ (MVS/TSO or VM/SP CMS). Teradata provides a CLIST (for TSO) or an EXEC (for VM/SP) that can be used to invoke ITEQ. ITEQ then formats the screen. After logging on, the user can enter and submit ITEQ commands and Teradata SQL statements.

If the result of statement execution is unsatisfactory, the statement may be modified and resubmitted until the desired result is produced. All Teradata SQL statements are available to the ITEQ user except:

  • DUMP
  • To log on to ITEQ, the user must first:

  • Log on to the appropriate interactive client subsystem, using the logon procedure for that subsystem.
  • Invoke ITEQ.
  • To log off the current session without terminating ITEQ, the user enters the LOGOFF command.

    To log off the current session and terminate ITEQ (returning control of the terminal to TSO or CMS), the user enters the QUIT command.

    See the descriptions of the LOGON, LOGOFF, and QUIT commands in Chapter 3 for detailed information.