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When the user enters a command or statement into the input area, the command or statement typically remains there during processing and display of the response in the display area. If a response indicates that the command or statement that produced it is in error or unsatisfactory, the user may edit the command or statement without rekeying the entire input string, and resubmit it for processing.

When the input area is used to enter statements, the user can invoke ITEQ edit and display control commands only by using program function (PF) keys.

After the Teradata Database System (DBS) has accepted and processed a command or statement and displayed the response, the user can enter a new command or statement, whether or not based on the previous response, by keying over the previous command or statement.

The user may erase all lines of the input area statement by pressing the PF5 or PF17 key, assigned to the CLEAR INPUT command.

The cursor is then positioned at the beginning of the input area for the user to enter a new command or statement.

When the user anticipates entering a long Teradata SQL statement or macro that exceeds the three lines normally allotted to the input area, the user can adjust the size of the area using the SET INPUTAREA SIZE command.