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Data-Generating Statements

ITEQ retains the result of only the last data-generating macro or statement (for example, SELECT) that is successfully processed. When a new data-generating statement is entered, ITEQ automatically discards the result of the preceding statement. Entry of a non-data-generating command or statement does not usually cause the result of the previous data-generating statement to be discarded.

When a data-generating statement is executed successfully, the result is presented in either Format or Unformat mode, depending upon which output mode is in effect.

In Format mode, used to format data into a report-like presentation, result data is formatted into individual pages. The processing type, status, and statistics are displayed as the first result page.

Result data is displayed on subsequent pages, each of which contains a heading that consists of current date, report title, and page number. Data is displayed according to the format command specifications that are in effect. (Refer to chapter 3, SET DEFAULTS Command, for a discussion of default display controls.)

Pages may be viewed using the ITEQ display control commands listed in Table 3 on page 25.

In Unformat mode, an unformatted result is displayed beginning on the first result page, preceded by processing type, status, and statistics. Subsequent result pages, if any, are displayed without any heading except the processing statistics.