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October 2021
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You must remove SSL keys and certificates to switch from an SSL to a TCP configuration. The manual steps taken in setting up self-signed keys and certificates for SSL must be reverted to TCP manually.
  1. Use the script with the -C option to clean up configuration files in the ActiveMQ directory. The script is located in the $DSA_DSC_ROOT directory. Script usage is [-h] [-C] [-a activemq_dir], where:
    Option Description
    -h Displays help information.
    -C Cleans up the configuration files in the specified ActiveMQ directory.
    -a Specifies the directory where ActiveMQ is installed.
  2. At the Directory prompt, type the full path to the ActiveMQ directory: /opt/teradata/tdactivemq/apache-activemq-5.xx.xx.
    ActiveMQ restarts after certificates are removed.