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October 2021
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You can configure up to two instances of DSA Network Client (ClientHandler) on a single media server by running the script. The script configures the server's ClientHandler startup script to run multiple instances of ClientHandler.
Running overwrites property files for the additional DSA Network Client (ClientHandler) instances but does not modify the original file.
  1. At the command line, in the CLIENTHANDLER_ROOT directory, enter:
    ./ [-h] [-i] [-n Number_of_instances] [-s List_of_server_ids]
    • -h displays parameter usage
    • -i adds a date to the output messages but does not start or stop the ClientHandler service
    • -n specifies the number of DSA Network Client instances to configure
    • -s specifies the list of SERVER IDS to use for configuring the requested DSA Network Client instances

    The list of SERVER IDS must be in double quotes, for example "server1 server2".