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October 2021
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Prior to DSA 15.10, the ClientHandler component on a media server communicated with the other media servers in a restore job target group through an NFS environment. In DSA 15.10, this configuration is no longer valid. The following procedure reverts a pre-DSA 15.10 NFS server configuration.
When upgrading to DSA 15.10 or later, install the AXMNetbackup package in addition to the ClientHandler package.
  1. Shut down all ClientHandler processes in the environment.
  2. In /etc/exports, remove the added lines for the /var/opt/teradata/dsa/cbb directory on the NFS server.
  3. Restart the nfsserver: # /etc/init.d/nfsserver restart.

If you no longer need nfsserver, remove it from the server.