17.10 - TD_TRACE_LEVEL - Parallel Transporter

Teradata® Parallel Transporter Application Programming Interface Programmer Guide

Parallel Transporter
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June 2021
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Programming Reference
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For use with the AddArrayAttribute as values for the TD_TRACE_LEVEL attribute. Defines levels of tracing for both the driver level and infrastructure level. Customers should normally set tracing to OFF unless Customer Support or development requires this option to be enabled for debugging purposes.

TD_TRACE_LEVEL Attribute Constants 
Constant Description
TD_OPER Enables tracing for driver specific activities.
TD_OFF Tracing is disabled.
TD_OPER_ALL Enables all driver level tracing.
TD_OPER_CLI Enables tracing for activities involving CLIv2.
TD_OPER_NOTIFY Enables tracing for activities involving the Notify feature.
TD_OPER_OPCOMMON Enables tracing for activities involving the operator common library.