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2750 Platform Product and Site Preparation Guide

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March 2018
Product Guide

The Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2750 platform is an optimized, fully-integrated data warehouse solution designed to meet entry-level data warehousing and analytical decision support requirements, typically requiring fast data scans and heavy analytics.

The 2750 platform offers 4-node and 2-node clique options. A 4-node clique consists of four processing nodes attached to three disk arrays (with 144 storage drives). A 2-node clique consists of two processing nodes attached to two disk arrays (with 72 storage drives). Each disk array consists of two drive enclosures, one with controllers and one with ESMs. The clique configurations create a CPU-rich environment, designed to support database compression and analytic features.

The 2750 platform can scale up to 22 nodes with BYNET-over-Ethernet or up to 108, 162, or 324 nodes with BYNET V5. The platform is offered with the following:
  • Teradata Database 14.00 or 14.10
  • Teradata Tools and Utilities 14.00 or 14.10
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (SLES 11)

With the 2750 platform, up to two test/development systems can be added to the base cabinet in a production system. Each test/development system consists of one processing node attached to one disk array (with 36 storage drives).

The 2750 base cabinet can accommodate up to two Quantum i80 tape libraries for backup and restore functionality. The 2750 base cabinet can also accommodate a Scalar key manager. When a Scalar key manager is installed, there is room for only one Quantum i80 tape library. Only one TMS BAR is permitted for the Scalar i80 BAR tape library configuration options.

The 2750 base cabinet can accommodate one Data Domain 4200 and up to three ES30 expansion shelves for backup and restore functionality. Only one TMS BAR is permitted for the Data Domain 4200 and ES30 options.