16.10 - Overview of the Ecosystem Manager RESTful API - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata Ecosystem Manager API Reference

Teradata Ecosystem Manager
June 2017
Programming Reference

Ecosystem Manager RESTful APIs provide an interface to Ecosystem Manager features through HTTP requests. The RESTful APIs are accessed through REST client modules written in scripting languages, such as Python or any other REST client.

To access the RESTful API, include the Ecosystem Manager server on which the REST service is running, the port on which the service is listening (8090 by default), and the REST resource to reference.

Swagger UI is available at http://<host>:<port>/swagger-ui.html#/

For example: http://wario:8090/swagger-ui.html#/

The RESTful API service includes the following details:
  • The REST client specifies the version in calls made to the RESTful service.
    • application/com.teradata.ecosystemmanager.emrest-v1.0+json
  • Some calls to the RESTful service return information in JSON format in the Response body.
  • Calls made to Ecosystem Manager RESTful service may require input parameters. Some input parameters are provided in the URL path itself. Other input parameters may need to be specified in the request body in JSON format.
  • All calls made to the RESTful service return an HTTP status code showing success or failure.