Download SQL Kernel and Extensions | Teradata Vantage Modules for Jupyter - 2.1 - Downloading the Teradata SQL Kernel and Extensions - Teradata Vantage Modules for Jupyter

Teradata Vantageā„¢ Modules for Jupyter Installation Guide

Teradata Vantage Modules for Jupyter
September 2020
  1. Download the appropriate Teradata Kernel zip for your operating system from
    Operating System Teradata Kernel zip
    macOS teradatasqlmacos_<version>.zip
    Windows teradatasqlwin_<version>.zip
    Linux teradatasqllinux_<version>.zip
  2. Unzip to your local file system.

    The zip contains the teradatakernel binary, the Teradata extension tarballs, a directory containing license files, a directory called teradatasql which contains a kernel.json file that identifies the teradatakernel binary, and sample SQL notebooks.

    For macOS, you must remove the quarantine attribute that macOS automatically applies to downloaded files, using one of the following commands:
    • If you have not unzipped the file, before unzipping, run this command on the file:

      xattr -d teradatasqlmacos_<version>.zip

    • If you have already unzipped the file, run this command on the directory:

      xattr -dr <directory name>

    You must add the directory that contains the teradatakernel binary to your PATH.
    Do not change the name of the teradatasql directory.
  3. Update the PATH.

    Follow the instructions in Updating PATH to Include Required Directories to update your PATH to include the location of your teradatakernel binary.

  4. Run the following command in a command window to check that the correct version of the teradatakernel binary is in your PATH.

    teradatakernel --version