16.10 - Sample Subroutine (CLI2CTB) - IBM IMS/DC Interface for Teradata

IBM IMS/DC Interface for Teradata Reference

IBM IMS/DC Interface for Teradata
November 2016
Programming Reference

This program is a COBOL subroutine that may be called by both COBOL and PL/I programs to perform the following functions:

  • Connect a Teradata session using the logon string contained in the DBCAREA.

    The DBCAREA is actually contained in the working storage (COBOL) or static storage (PL/I) of the calling program.

    The address of the DBCAREA is passed to the called program.

  • DROP and CREATE a table into which data rows will be inserted and updated.
  • Move error messages and codes to the calling program’s storage.

    The messages (IMS) are sent by the calling program to a terminal.

  • Disconnect a session before returning to the calling program.

CLI2CTB must be compiled and linked before executing the sample programs CLI2MCI or CLI2MPI. The JCL for compiling CLI2CTB is described in the next section.