16.10 - Teradata DBS Attachment Facility - IBM IMS/DC Interface for Teradata

IBM IMS/DC Interface for Teradata Reference

IBM IMS/DC Interface for Teradata
November 2016
Programming Reference

This section discusses only the differences specific to the Teradata DBS Attachment Facility. For full documentation of the IMS subsystem-related commands, see the IBM publications, DB2 Command Reference and DB2 Utilities Guide and Reference or IMS Operator’s Reference Manual.

All IMS/VS commands related to the external system are supported in the IMS interface, with a few exceptions (see below).

If you are accustomed to using the IMS attachment package with DB2, you will notice the following differences in IMS command facilities with a Teradata DBS.

IMS Command Differences 
Command Differences
/START SUBSYS The /START SUBSYS command can initialize communication with one or more of the TDPs named in the SSM.

This command makes the connection between IMS/VS and the specified external subsystems available. IMS/VS processing of this command involves refreshing the in-core copy of the SSM, and invoking the external subsystem initialization modules.

While the connection to subsystems named in the SSM occurs automatically during IMS/VS initialization, you can use the /START command to enable the modification of the SSM subsequent to IMS start-up, thus avoiding IMS restart.

/STOP SUBSYS This command prevents applications from communicating with the named external subsystem.

Applications that are currently accessing external subsystems are allowed to complete.

When all applications are completed, the connection is terminated.

/DISPLAY SUBSYS ALL The /DISPLAY SUBSYS command displays the status of the subsystem connections, including the TDP subsystems defined in the SSM.
/DISPLAY OASN SUBSYS This command displays the outstanding recovery units (Origin Application Sequence Numbers) associated with the specified external subsystem
/CHANGE SUBSYS This command resets an in-doubt unit of recovery.

The command deletes the item (from the standpoint of IMS). No communication takes place with the external subsystem.

/SSR The /SSR command routes commands to connected external subsystems.

The Teradata DBS Attachment Facility does not support this command facility for TDP commands.