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TDP3519 "npname" RESPONSE FOR "processing" WAS MALFORMED, PROBLEM(problem), INFO(info)


When processing a response from the Teradata Database using the displayed NP, the indicated processing (CONNECT, RECONNECT, or TRANSMISSION) detected malformed encapsulation protocol structured information. The problem is indicated by a hexadecimal value; additional information may be indicated by the hexadecimal value displayed for INFO -- if there is no additional information the value is zero. The hexadecimal problem is one of the following: 01 if the version was invalid 02 if the length was invalid 03 if the area was incomplete 04 if the sequence encoding was invalid (known to the Teradata Database as a Send Sequence#) 05 if the feedback encoding was invalid (known to the Teradata Database as as a Receive Sequence#) 06 if the required TU payload is missing When the hexadecimal problem is 04 or 05, the hexadecimal additional information consists of four one-byte fields, the first of which is zero, the second indicates the TU identifier, the third contains the received sequence or feedback encoding, the fourth contains the expected sequence or feedback encoding.

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This message is also written to TDPSNAP. Additional information may be captured by using the ENABLE TRAP BADNPTU command before the situation occurs. If START processing has not yet completed, the START will fail, otherwise, the NP enters the PERM ERR state and will not be used further. Any requests that are active on the NP will be failed and the associated sessions will be logged off. Sessions without active requests or with requests active on other NPs are unaffected.


Subsequent use of the NP may be attempted by first issuing the TDP STOP NP command (necessary only if the NP is in the PERM ERR state), then the TDP START NP command. Contact Customer Support personnel and provid the text of this message.