Installing the Linux OS - Kubernetes

Kubernetes Appliance Software Installation Guide

June 2018
English (United States)
Last Update
This procedure is for field installations after a hardware failure. There is a prior configuration of the hardware present. Your installation may differ depending on the initial state or prior configuration of the hardware used.
It is assumed that this node has only one virtual disk configured as RAID-1 and that no other virtual disks exist. This is to guarantee OS installation on the correct virtual disk.
  1. Insert SLES-12-SP2-TDC-v12.2.1-STND-GCA-DVD.iso or the latest version media DVD.
  2. Power the system off and on to boot the system from the DVD.
    You have 20 seconds to perform the next step. Pressing any key disables the timer.
  3. At the SUSE boot prompt, begin the automated install of a manged node using the node console: tdcmanaged
    For TDC managed configuration, see Teradata® Server Management Web Services Configuration Guide, B035-5351.
  4. After the node reboots, select to boot from the hard drive if prompted.
  5. Log in using the default username and password of root.
  6. Use passwd to set your new root password.
  7. Remove the installation media.