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Existing Workload Analysis

When the actual response time characteristics are off by a specific percentage from the defined service level goals calculated at the time of workload creation, an “X” in the SLG Met column indicates that service level goals are not met. A percent variance displays for further analysis with a visual indication against the workload. The SLG Met value calculations are based on the actual workloads data logged in DBQLogtabl and TDWMSummaryLog tables after activation of the rule set.

Note: SLG Met details display in the Candidate Workloads Report dialog box.

The following analyses can be done for workloads that have not met their service level goals:

  • Existing Workload Analysis - further analyzing and refining of the workload by selecting analysis parameters and accepting the new recommended workload.
  • Recalculating the service level goals and applying the actual SLG values in a rule set.
  • Merging the workload and recalculating the SLG Met values.
  • Splitting the workload and adding or deleting classifications manually.