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Workload Attributes

The default Workload Method is Timeshare with Medium access rate.

The DBA can select a Top, Medium, High, or Low access rate for the Timeshare workload method.

The DBA has to enter percent share values for the SLG Tier workload method.

Workload Method:

  • Tactical: short queries with a fixed response-time requirement.
  • SLG Tier: important queries that should get extra resources.
  • Timeshare: normal queries. This is the default setting.
  • Tactical exception directive for a WD:

    The Tactical Exception tab is enabled only for the Tactical workload method.




    Exception Name

    Enter the name of the tactical exception


    Specify an optional description

    CPU Time

    Enter the CPU Time value

    Tactical CPU Per Node

    Enter the CPU Per Node value

    IO Physical

    Enter the IO Physical space value

    IO Per Node

    Enter the IO Per Node value