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Viewing or Modifying SLGs

The Service Level Goals (SLG) can be viewed in graph format, and the settings modified using the SLG Recommendations Window.

To view or modify service-level goals

1 From left window of the Workload Report, expand the workload, and then click on the SLG Graph icon.

The SLG Recommendations window appears.

Note: Alternatively, display the SLG Recommendations window by selecting Rule Set > Workloads> Calculate SLGs from the Teradata WA menu.

2 In the SLG Recommendations window, view the default parameters and resulting service level recommendations, along with the displayed chart. Change the options as described in the following table.


Table 2: SLG Recommendations window 



SLG Parameters

Displays the service parameters that can be viewed or modified to generate SLG recommendations. Click Response Time (the default), or Throughput as appropriate.

When a listed parameter is selected:

  • this parameter appears as the horizontal axis of the chart
  • the value of this parameter can be edited in the SLG Recommendations table displayed beneath the chart; no other options are available for editing.
  • Changing the setting prompts Teradata WA to update the graph immediately. Response Time or Throughput SLGs can be saved in the TDWM database, not both.


    Displays the available operating environments. Click an OpEnv in the list box or accept Always as the default.

    Changing the setting prompts Teradata WA to update the graph immediately.

    Start Date / End Date

    Displays the DBQL date range depicted in the graph. This is in YYYY-MM-DD format.

    Set Manually

    Allows modification of the recommended service levels. This check box is unchecked by default.

    SLG Recommendations

    Changes the selected service parameter’s recommended value (shown highlighted in white). No other values are available for editing (shown shaded).

    Arrival rate, Response Time, Throughput and Service Percent are displayed. The response time goal shown is the value that would satisfy a 80% goal.

    Recommend on current Service percent

    Displays the current performance baseline that Teradata WA automatically uses for determining service level recommendations. You can adjust this as appropriate.

    Factor by

    Modifies the SLG parameter, with a factor of 1 being the same as today, 0.1 being 10 times faster than today, 10.0 being 10 times slower than today.

    3 When satisfied with the new values, click Apply.