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Required Database Permissions

Important! To work with Teradata WA, the user must be granted privileges to execute macros and stored procedures in the database TDWM and the DBQL table.

Note: If the “External DBQL” log option is selected for PSA migration/New workload recommendations, the GRANT option for SELECT on DUMP DBQL tables must be given to TDWM. Do this by logging on to the system as DBC and granting SELECT permission to TDWM on DBQL tables from the External DBQL database.

Note: To access external databases successfully, there must be at least three DBQL tables in the external database for analysis, such as DBLogtbl, DBQLSummaryTbl, and DBQLObjtbl or corresponding *_HST tables (a PS setup). The DBQLObjtbl (or corresponding *_HST table) is necessary for Teradata WA 15.00 to perform analysis on data objects (‘Where’ classification parameters).