Required Software - Teradata Workload Analyzer

Teradata Workload Analyzer User Guide

Teradata Workload Analyzer
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Required Software

You must have the following software installed on your system:

  • Teradata Database 15.0, 14.10, 14.0, or 13.10 running on one of these operating systems:
  • Linux
  • Windows® Server 2003
  • Note: Teradata WA supports access to a custom database called TDWM, which stores workload definitions and related data.

    Teradata WA works in combination with Viewpoint Workload Designer in dynamically managing workloads for Teradata Database 15.0 and 14.10. For Teradata Database 13.x, however, Teradata WA 15.00 provides menu-option access to Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager (TDWM) 12.00 or 13.00 respectively. For more information about the TDWM database and instructions for using TDWM 12.00 or 13.00, see Database Administration (B035‑1093), and Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager User Guide (B035‑2513), for the appropriate release.

  • Teradata Call-Level Interface version 2 (CLIv2) release 15.00
  • TDICU 15.00
  • TeraGSS 15.00
  • Note: These are CLIv2 dependencies.