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July 2021
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The Service Health portlet displays the status of monitored AppCenter applications. The summary view shows whether AppCenter is available (up) or unavailable (down). The summary view refreshes every 60 seconds.

Default Icon Text Color Default States Definition
Green AppCenter is up The application is healthy and available.
Red AppCenter is down The application is not available.
Gray Unknown Status of the selected application is unknown.

From this view, click a status icon or text of an AppCenter application to investigate metrics in the Service Health details view. The information is from the last system sampling and is not refreshed unless updates for the selected application are currently in progress.

AppCenter versions 2.00 and later are supported.

Service Health Details View

The Service Health details view displays:
  • The name of the selected AppCenter application and its status (Up or Down) in text format. The name and status match the icon color on the summary view.
  • Information about each metric to evaluate the overall health of the selected AppCenter application.
Lists the monitored metrics for AppCenter applications.
Shows the metric value at the last system sampling. A dash displays for the metric value if AppCenter is down.
Last 60 Minutes
Displays a sparkline with the trend in metric values for the last 60 minutes.