16.50 - Teradata Aster System Metrics - Teradata Workload Management

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Teradata Viewpoint
Teradata Workload Management
January 2021
User Guide

By Database

The selection menu choice By Database makes the following metrics available.

Column Description Type
Current Space
  • In the Space Usage view: Amount of space used by the database
  • In the details view: Amount of space used by the tables
Database Name Name of the database String
Schema Schema where the table is stored (details view only) String
Skew % A measure of data distribution across the nodes (details view only) Percent
Table Table name (details view only) String
Table Count Number of tables in the database Number

By Node

The selection menu choice By Node makes the following metrics available for each worker node.
Column Description Type
% In Use Percentage of space being used Percent
Available Space Amount of unused space on each node Number
Compression Ratio Ratio between the uncompressed size of the data and the compressed size of the data Number
Current Space Total amount of space occupied on the node

(Current User plus Replica plus System Space)

Total Space Storage capacity Number
Name Name of the node String
Node ID ID of the node Number
Replica Space Amount of space used by replica copies of data Number
Size On Disk Amount of space required to store the data Number
System Space Amount of space used by non-data files, such as system files Number
Uncompressed Size Amount of uncompressed user data Number
User Space Amount of space used by primary copies of data Number