16.50 - System Event Type Options (TASM) - Teradata Workload Management

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January 2021
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The following are the available system event type options.

Event Types Description
Node Down Maximum allowed number of nodes down in a clique, defined as a percentage between 0 and 100. The default is 24%.
AMP Fatal Maximum number of AMPs reported as fatal at system startup.
Available AWTs Number of AWTs available on the specified number of AMPs as defined in the Other tab of the General view.
Gateway Fatal Maximum number of gateways reported as fatal at system startup.
PE Fatal Maximum number of PEs reported as fatal at system startup.
Flow Control Maximum allowed number of AMPs in flow control.
CPU Utilization Defines when the system CPU values are consistently outside defined CPU utilization threshold values.
CPU Skew Maximum system-wide skew.
I/O Usage (Teradata Database 16.0 and later) Identifies I/O bandwidth bottlenecks and assesses the scope of the bottleneck.
Setting qualification times can prevent very short incidents from triggering events.
Qualification Method Options Description

Specifies how long an event threshold must be met before an event is triggered.


Specifies that an event is triggered immediately after an event threshold is met.


Specifies the following:

  • Under Qualification Method, the time period during which the data sample is averaged.
  • Under Qualification Time, how long the rolling average of the metric value must meet the event threshold before an event is triggered.