16.50 - How Can I Add Alert Properties as Arguments to the Run a Program Alert Action? - Teradata Workload Management

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Teradata Workload Management
January 2021
User Guide

This example explores how to add alert properties as arguments to the Run a Program action. You can define a threshold for a database metric when a specific event occurs. You can then specify that the event triggers an alert. The alert service has access to information on several properties of a monitored system, depending on the data collectors that you enable. If you configure the alert to run a program and the program accepts command-line parameters, you can add custom parameters that the program can access.

The following is an overview of the process:
  1. Verify the Teradata Notification Service is running.
  2. Copy programs or batch files to the server that is running the Teradata Notification Service.
  3. Create an action set that adds alert properties as arguments under the Run a program action in the Alert Setup portlet.
  4. Configure the Teradata system for Teradata Viewpoint to monitor in the Monitored Systems portlet.
  5. Configure data collectors to monitor the configured Teradata system in the Monitored Systems portlet.
  6. Define alert rules in the Monitored Systems portlet.
  7. Review alerts in the Alert Viewer portlet.