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January 2021
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The Teradata Alerts SNMP MIB file is shipped with the camalerts package, in the following location: /opt/teradata/cam/alert/config/teradataCamMib.txt. The table below shows the Teradata Alerts SNMP MIB file syntax.

Field Type Values
alertId Integer Unique integer generated by the alert service when the alert is generated.
alertName String The alert name as defined by the user.
source String The Teradata application that requested the alert or generated the event that triggered the alert. These include:
  • Teradata Viewpoint
  • Server Management
  • Teradata Alerts

Ecosystem Manager alerts use the Ecosystem Manager MIB, which is not discussed here.

subcomponent String Unused.
timestamp String A timestamp, formatted as: 2013-05-04T10:06:21.227-08:00.
severity String Low, Medium, High, or Critical.
systemName String The system that generated the alert. This varies by the source of the alert.
details String The alert message or conditions that indicate the reason for the alert.

If both the alert message and the alert conditions are selected, details contains both the conditions, then the message, separated by a comma.