16.50 - Job Definitions View - Teradata Workload Management

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Teradata Viewpoint
Teradata Workload Management
January 2021
User Guide
The Job Definitions view displays the list of user-defined collect and analyze job definitions. From this view, you can create jobs, manage existing jobs, and review job reports.
New Collect Job enables you to define a job to collect statistics, which includes specifying the scope, defining a collect list, and setting the schedule.
New Analyze Job enables you to define a job to evaluate statistic use and make recommendations. You can specify the scope, select functions, and set the schedule.
View History lists the run status and reports for collect and analyze jobs over time.
Edit System Analyze Settings manages all long running analyze jobs in a selected system for Teradata Database 15.10 and later.
State Filter Bar
Displays a count of jobs in each state. Click a state to show only the jobs in that state.
Overflow Menu displays additional states. If the available space on the state filter bar is exceeded, you can select another state to replace the last state.
Shows only rows that match your filter criteria.
Table Actions
Clear Filters removes any content in the filter boxes.
Configure Columns allows you to choose the columns to display.
Abort allows you to stop the selected job.
Export creates a .csv file containing all available data. If filters are used, only filtered data is exported.

For more information, see Summary Table Controls.

Job Definitions Table
Displays summary information about jobs. The table is configured in the Configure Columns dialog box. Click a row in the table to see details.
Job Schedule
Displays a nine-day view of jobs that are running, scheduled to run, or have already run. Hover over a date to see a list of jobs.