16.50 - Alert Configuration Workflow - Teradata Workload Management

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Teradata Workload Management
January 2021
User Guide
The alert configuration workflow has the following phases:
  1. Configure delivery settings and alert action sets.
  2. Define the triggers, conditions, and thresholds that cause alert actions to be generated.
  3. View generated alerts in the Alert Viewer portlet.
The alert configuration workflow has several access points:
Alert Setup
Define the hours during which alert actions run, and define notifications in Alert Exceptions to notify you if an alert action set fails to execute properly.
Alert Triggers
After alert action sets are configured, they are available to other portlets in the Teradata Viewpoint portal. Define triggers, conditions, and threshold levels and select corresponding alert action sets.
Integrate the database with Teradata Alerts directly by inserting rows in the AlertRequest and MonitorRequest tables to trigger alert actions. The Alert Request data collector forwards the row contents to the alert service for processing.
Alert Viewer
The Alert Viewer portlet displays alerts generated from many sources. The alert includes the date, time, alert name, type, source, and system for each alert generated if it was configured to be logged during alert setup. Additional details, including the alert property and metric that triggered the alert, can also be displayed.