16.50 - Monitored Systems - Teradata Workload Management

Teradata® Viewpoint User Guide

Teradata Viewpoint
Teradata Workload Management
January 2021
User Guide

The Monitored Systems portlet allows the Teradata Viewpoint Administrator to add, configure, enable, and disable systems, as well as view the amount of disk space used and set a threshold for the total disk usage alert.

Configure the system nickname, TDPID, site ID, host ID or hostname, login credentials, authentication method, and access to Teradata Database, Teradata Aster, or Teradata Hadoop systems, and managed systems. Configure the system nickname, host ID, and login credentials for Teradata QueryGrid™. Test the connection and add or delete logins.
Data Collectors
Enable, disable, and configure data collectors to capture and retain portlet, disk usage, and resource data.
System Health
Enable metrics for the System Health and Productivity portlets. Configure degraded and critical thresholds for each metric. Create customized status and tooltips.
Canary Queries
Configure canary queries used to test Teradata system response times. The System Heartbeat canary query cannot be removed.
Add, delete, copy, and configure alerts, or migrate existing Teradata Manager alerts.
Monitor Rates
Set Teradata Database internal sample rates for sessions, node logging, and vproc logging.
Log Table Cleanup
Configure log table cleanup to remove unnecessary information and reallocate space in Teradata Database.
Cleanup Schedule
Create a schedule for cleaning up Teradata Database system log tables.

You can view the amount of disk space used and set a threshold for a disk usage alert.

Total Disk usage
View disk usage under /data directory on the Teradata Viewpoint server.
Viewpoint DB Disk usage
View disk usage of the Viewpoint database under /data/viewpointdb for all systems over time, and the distribution of data on the Teradata Viewpoint server.
12 hour change on Viewpoint DB
View the percentage of Viewpoint database disk space under /data/viewpointdb used or has become available over the past twelve hours. Positive indicates the amount of space used has increased. Negative indicates the amount of space used decreased.
Edit Alert
Set a threshold that sends an administrator alert when total disk usage in the DCS exceeds the threshold.