16.50 - Managing Queries and Sessions - Teradata Workload Management

Teradata® Viewpoint User Guide

Teradata Viewpoint
Teradata Workload Management
January 2021
User Guide

You can manage queries and sessions to improve workload performance for Teradata Database systems.

Abort the selected query or session
Change Priority
Change the priority of the selected query or session
Change Workload
Change the workload of the selected query or session
Release Query
Release the selected query from a delay queue

You must log in with a user ID that has permissions to abort, change priorities or workloads, or release queries. If you log off, close a portlet, or open a new portlet instance, you must log in again.

Change Workload is available only if Teradata Active System Management (TASM) is enabled. If TASM is disabled, Change Priority is available. If you do not see Change Workload or Change Priority in the list, the system you are monitoring does not support these features or you do not have permission to use them. If the query you are monitoring is delayed, only Release Query is available.