16.50 - Changing Object Order - Teradata Workload Management

Teradata® Viewpoint User Guide

Teradata Viewpoint
Teradata Workload Management
January 2021
User Guide
You can move an object to a new position in a list of actions for a workflow.

Objects are moved based on their group number and order within the group. Change the object order to move the object sooner or later than specified after the analysis.

  1. From the Object Workflows tab, select a workflow.
  2. In the Move section, click list of actions.
  3. Do one of the following to select objects to reorder:
    Option Description
    Single object
    1. Click next to an object and select Change Object Order.
    2. From the Target Group list, select a new target group.
    3. From the Group position list, select a new position.
    4. Click Save.
    Multiple objects
    1. From the More options list, select Change Object Order.
    2. Select the objects.
    3. Click Change Order.